"Opening our classroom to the world and letting the world come into our classroom."

Monday, 14 September 2015



WELCOME to 1B class Abel, Nerea, Marc, Adam, Violant, Inas, Nirmin, Laia, Isaac, Natalia, Carlos, Aitana, Valeria, Andrea, Abril, Alexia, Iker, Shira, Anas, Aleksandar, Ferran, Iris, Martina, Yoana and Júlia!!!

WELCOME to 1A class Abdelkhalak, Aitana, Carla, Adrià, Laia, Jordi, Adam, Firdaous, Romaisa, Jean, Aroa, Paula, Jan, Àlex, Nicola, Javier, Núria, Yannis, LLuc, Lucía, Aina, Marc, Adriana, Maria, Nazaret and Jana !!!

Watch and sing!
What are our classroom rules?

Resources : games, songs, worksheets, flashcards, videos...in the classroom and playground

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