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Monday, 25 September 2017

Welcome Ponent and Llevant

Welcome to everyone at the new school year full of new things. For example we have a new book, the "HEROES 4" which have a club with four kids that will be with us all this year. They are Archie, Megan, Luke and Olivia.

Sara is our new teacher and with she we'll learn a lot.

Enjoy this year and have fun all of you Ponent and Llevant!

Welcome 3A

Welcome back to the new school year!

This year we start with a new book "HEROES 3" full of fun, activities and songs. At the heroes club we meet Archie, Olivia, Megan and Luke, they will be with us all this year helping to learn.

We have a new teracher too, Sara and only speaks in English

I hope you have fun at class

Welcome Meduses and Emperadors

Hello to the new school year!

This year we have a new book "HEROES 2" with five new friends Ruby, Zack, Tom, Leila and Emma. We have a new teacher too, Sara: I hope you will have fun learning a lot of things

Enjoy this year Meduses and Emperadors

Welcom Peix aranya and Orades

Hello to the new school year!

This year we have a new book "HEROES 1" and a new teacher too. My name is Sara and I hope you enjoy the lessons with our four heroes: Ruby, Zack, Tom and Leila.

Have fun all of you Peix aranya and Orades


We are asking and learning about our birthdays and likes . We created our classmates birthday timeline on a wbsite . Happy New school year and birthday to you all!
WATCH: Garbí, LLevant

Sunday, 24 September 2017


1)Introduction : What does POP ART mean? Watch this video:

                        Can you name any characteristics of POP ART movement (1955-70)?
2) Artists. Did they use the same techniques? Did they all paint?
                 Why was Claes Oldenburg a POP ART artist? Watch:

3)Sit down in groups of four and search on your tablets and  Number on the worksheet these sentences according to the question they answer
          1 -what?  2-when? 3-where?  4 -who?   5           -artworks?

4) Do your own POP ART portrait with the help of this video.

5)Final Project : Create your own presentation using sentences from the worksheet on a canvas.
5) Let's become Roy Lichtenstein Colour it using dots.
 6)   Use POP ART app to take a photo of a popular object in class: school bag, ruler, pencil ... Make up a collage with the photos your group has taken.

More info.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Introducing myself-6

1st  CLICK to know what he likes doing.
2nd  TICK or CROSS the grid.
3rd  Use all the information to write about you.

4th Create (i-nigma app) a QR code to paste on your agenda.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


A great school year is starting  and we are excited to meet our classmates and teachers.
WELCOME BACK TO Abel B,Nerea C, Marc Ch,  Violant C, Adam D, Firdaous El, Nirmin E, Aroa F, Laia F, Isaac F, Alejandro F, Alex G,Danilo G, Nicola K, Abril LL. Shira M, Anaas M, Aleksandar O, Lucia P, Aina R, Marc R, Adriana R, Maria R, Yoana S,and  Jana V !!!!

WELCOME TO OUR NEWCOMERS IN CICLE SUPERIOR! Hi Marc A, Mohamed A, Oriol B,  Sara E, Mohamed E, Berta B, Andreia C, David C, Ramon Ch, Nabil E, Sajeda E, Berta A, Mohamed B, Aziz B, Jose C, Hengxiang Ch, Ainara C, Abd El Karime, Paula F, Marina G, Andrea G, Alejandro J, Pol l, Bogddan P, Marco R, Izan R, Ainoa R, Paula R, Ian S, Fabio S, Ona S, Joana G, Naiara J, Gemma M, Kevin M, Elián M, Sergi P, Ivan P, Kenai P, Adrián P, Júlia R, Erika R, Alexia S, Raúl S, Anna T, Eric V and  Jordi !!!


OUR OLDEST STUDENTS!!Achraf B, Ainhoa C, Michel C, Marc d, Paula D, Fadwa E, David F, Sergi F, Berta G, Clàudia G, Albert G, Nariman I, Laia LL, Luis L, José O, Laura P, Lucía R, Inés s, Erik V, Lucía B, Tania A, Jordi A, Jan A, Elias B, Francisco C 👀, Eric A, Carla B, Aitor B, Daniela B, Diana Ch, Aitana D, Kawtar E, Adam E, Rehab E, Jordi E, Evelin G, Abril G, Sara I, Claudia J, Dongxian, Jan M, Pol M, Alba M, Sergio N, Miguel O, Erik P, Gabriel P,laia R, Ismael S and 
Delfina👀 !!